Research Support Services

The Research Committee and the Research Secretariat


The primary sources of research funding at the University of Crete are grants and contracts won by faculty members from external sources.  These funds, covering the full range of research, developmental, educational and training activities and services, are managed through a grants office known as the Special Account for Research (established and run according to Ministerial Rulings and regulations common to all HEIs in Greece).  Grant fund management and associated policy are overseen by the University’s Research Committee, and administered by the Research Secretariat.


The Research Committee is an elected body consisting of faculty members representing all the Departments of the University, chaired by the Vice-Rector of Financial Planning and Development.  Elected for a three-year term, the Research Committee makes policy recommendations to the University Senate and oversees policy implementation.  The full-committee &/or an authorized 7-member steering committee meet in regular sessions to oversee all grant-fund related issues and develop policy initiatives as required arising from the management of projects and use of the Special Account reserve fund.  


The Research Secretariat implements the policy decisions of the Senate and Research Committee and with the support of legal services manages the contractual, procedural, administrative, financial accounting, and employment aspects of grant management in collaboration with the projects’ Principal Investigators.  The Secretariat also monitors new calls and offers advisory and support services in proposal preparation and project management.


The Research Secretariat currently handles over 900 projects varying widely in size, type and funding source.  Grant incomes for the 4-year period 2008-2011 average €13.4 million a year, of which 75% relates to grants and contracts won specifically for research purposes.  


More information (in Greek) on open calls, current projects, management guides and related issues is available through the Research Secretariat’s website

All administrative forms and contractual documents related to grant projects are also available in English and Research Secretariat staff are happy to help visiting and international researchers through procedures related to reimbursement and employment contracts.






Last update 12/01/2015