International Symposium: Teachers Education in a Globalization Era

Ημερ/νίες 27/03/2019
Τοποθεσία Ρέθυμνο, Ρέθυμνο

Τετάρτη, 27 Μαρτίου 2019, 18.00-20.30

Μονάδα Διεθνούς εκπαίδευσης και έρευνας-Συλλογή Ελ. Γλύκατζη Αρβελέρ, Ρέθυμνο (δίπλα στη πλατεία Μικρασιατών)


Michael W. Apple 18.00-18.30 John Bascom Professor of Curriculum and Instruction and Educational Policy Studies, University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA Can Education change society?


Tien-Hui Chiang 18.30-19.00 Distinguished Professor, Zhengzhou University, China How teacher competence functions as an institutionalized discourse in the epoch of globalization


Nikos Papadakis 19.30-20.00 Professor, Department of Political Science, University of Crete Education, Training, LLL and Youth Employability in Europe, today: trends, political priorities, benchmarks, challenges and the state of play


Discussant Anthony Hourdakis 20.00-20.30 Professor, Department of Primary Teachers Education, University of Crete