Research Support Services


Research Fund Management 

The primary sources of research funding at the University of Crete are grants and contracts won by faculty members from external sources.  These funds, covering the full range of research, developmental, educational and training activities and services, are managed through a grants office known as the Special Account for Research Funds (established and run according to Ministerial regulations common to all HEIs in Greece).  Grant fund management and associated policy are overseen by the University’s Research Management Committee and administered by the Financial & Administrative Support Unit.


The Research Management Committee is an elected body consisting of faculty members representing all the Departments of the University, chaired by the Vice-Rector of Financial Planning and Development.  Elected for a three-year term, the Committee makes policy recommendations to the University Senate and oversees policy implementation.  The full-committee &/or an authorized 7-member steering committee meet in regular sessions to oversee all grant-fund related issues and develop policy initiatives as required arising from the management of projects and use of the Special Account reserve fund.  


The Financial & Administrative Support Unit implements the policy decisions of the Senate and Research Committee and with the support of legal services manages the contractual, procedural, administrative, financial accounting, and employment aspects of grant management in collaboration with the projects’ Principal Investigators.  The Unit also monitors new calls and offers advisory and support services in proposal preparation and project management.


Information (in Greek) on open calls, current projects, management guides and related issues is available through the Special Account for Research website



In accordance with the University regulations on the management and exploitation of intellectual property arising from UoC research activity, the Special Account for Research Funds together with the University’s Property Development and Management Company  provide support for researchers wishing to patent &/or otherwise develop their research results commercially as innovative goods or services.  The Property Development and Management Company currently participates in a number of spin-off companies including Bionature E.A. Limited, Gnosis Data Analysis ΙΚΕ, and Σύγχρονα Αμφιαράεια.


UoC Center for Research and Studies in the Humanities, Social Sciences and Pedagogics (CRS) 


The UoC Center for Research and Studies in the Humanities, Social Sciences and Pedagogics is an interdisciplinary research unit, supervised by the Senate, aiming to promote research in the Humanities, the Social Sciences and Pedagogics and to carry out research projects for third parties. 

CRS includes: Research Laboratories, Research Programmes of either groups or individual researchers, as well as Postgraduate Studies Programmes related to the Humanities and Social and Education Sciences.


The CRS is a hub of activity, informing AHSS researchers about developments in funding opportunities as well as providing a platform for scientific lectures, events and workshops. In particular, the CRS’s regular  ‘Brown Bag Seminars’ provide CRS researchers with the opportunity to present their current research work in a friendly, informal context with the aim of stimulating interdisciplinary dialogue.



The University is part of the EURAXESS Service Network and aims to provide international researchers visiting or planning to work at our University practical, customized information, assistance and advice on living and working here.  Customized advisory support is also available to outgoing researchers. 




Last update 04/06/2019