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A group of students from the University of Crete won the first prize in the Innovation Marathon “Artemis Saitakis” | InnoDays 2022

The team from the University of Crete won the first prize in the Innovation Marathon “Artemis Saitakis”, within “InnoDays 2022 – The Crete of Knowledge and Production”, organized by the Region of Crete, from Friday 25 to Sunday 27 November 2022 at the International Exhibition Centre of Crete.

Based on the contest challenge, “Innovative ideas for the development of sustainable practices in the production and promotion of olive oil and carob of Crete”, the team from the University of Crete proposed a marketable innovative idea with great business potential. Specifically, the team proposed a platform where certified sustainable olive oil producers can sell their product worldwide while at the same time, offer experience tourism services to those interested to participate at any phase of the sustainable olive oil production. In addition, the platform allows sellers to provide transportation means in accordance with each buyer’s preferences over CO2 emissions. That means the product will have different prices according to the CO2 emissions omitted by the transportation means used to be delivered.


According to the team members, the practical implementation of the idea can promote and enhance sustainable rural tourism in Greece. In addition, they stressed that this platform can be "applied" to other products as well.

We would like to express our warm congratulations to the team members, Athina Tsironi (Department of Political Science), Nikos Kakavas (Department of Chemistry), Stelios Stavgianoudakis (Department of Chemistry) and Chrysostomos Ploumakis (Department of Computer Science).

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